Many, many years ago in a little far away country lived a girl who oftenly went to movie with her daddy to watch movies about wild, wild west. In these movies she saw wonderful bed blankets made from many colorful small pieces of fabrics. And of course, she wanted to have one, but in her far, far away country no one knows how to make it. Then, some decades later clever men invented internet and our little girl (being granny in meantime) finally learned how to make a quilt. From many scraps , in all the wonderful colours in the world.


srijeda, 7. prosinca 2011.


Wasn't hexing for a while but my flowers start to bloom again
Five new for my friendship quilt, colorful and bright as always

These two were made for inchy hexagon flowers swap but forgoten to send. Lisa, they are on the way to you, sorry

I didn' t stop collecting siggies,  just slow it a bit, these two beauties came from

Riekie from Holland  and

Celine from UK

Have you heard about Blog hop party with give-aways organized  by Michele from Quilting galery? It starts on Saturday, the 10th of December and last s for a week.I'm going to be part of it, so you are all invated to visit my other blog   and try to win something. What it is going to be? Fabrics, of course !

srijeda, 9. studenoga 2011.


These week only two flowers mixed  from my lovely scraps from all over the world,

but I was busy making connecting petals. A little boring, but must be done too

srijeda, 2. studenoga 2011.


Today I'm going to show you flowers I made last week  using scraps I' ve received from my blogg friends from my previous post. Upper left  Benta - UK, upper right  Danette - US,  bottom left Karen - Canada and bottom right  Susan - Australia. Susan was my partner in Scrapy swap

četvrtak, 27. listopada 2011.


Two months ago I've asked you, my dear gardeners for help because my 2,5" squares stash was going to end.Resuls  could be seen below  and all I can say is THANK YOU MY DEAR FRIENDS, my friendship flower quilt is going to be my most preciuos quilt .
Pictures are posted randomly, they all have the same value to me

 Danette from  USA

 Karen from Canada
 Benta from UK

Maria from Australia

 Jeanette from Australia

Karen from Canada

Raewyn from New Zeland

I'm sure I would  have what to do during long winter days and they are not going to be boring.

srijeda, 26. listopada 2011.


First I made  these two little flowers for my blue garden

These three are going to be planted in my friendship flower garden

These are beauties I've received from my friends in Inchy hexagon flower swap group which I've joined in July

Finally I found some orphan hexies and made a cover ( pyjama) for my faithful Heidi, that's the name I gave to my sewing machine  which is from Switzerland

Stay tuned, tomorrow I'm going to show you some more wonderful pictures

četvrtak, 6. listopada 2011.


I have two questions for you:
1. Do you love swaps?
2.Do you love mug rugs?

If is you answer "YES" , then this is a post for you.
Oh, yes I adore swaps and this little masterpieces called mug rug.
I love to make big quilts, some of them were really huge, but making this cute little things are kind of relaxation for me.And here is a result of getting these two words together:


First one is made by Anneliese from Ireland

and the second one came from Ireland too, but from the Northern part. It was Karen who made it

They even match together, don't they. And both girls made a wonderful needle cases for me because it was a  "goodie" swap (organized by Susan from Fluffy Sheep Quilting )

And finally here are mug rugs I've made and sent to my new friends  Benta

and Janet

As a goodie, I made a journal cover for each

srijeda, 5. listopada 2011.


My dear hexies got a new home;  I bought them this lovely wooden box with glass cover and 18 departments.
It looks a little dull now, but I'm going to give it some colour (pink perheps?) and maybe few flowers? How about some hexie flowers in corners? No, I would not keep anything else in this box except hexies, I think I would never stop making them. After this one (Friendship flowers quilt) with white background, I have plans for one with dark background, the one with blue flowers I've already started, then I have my Inchy club hexies...
Yes, my name is Simona and I'm addicted, hexie  addicted

Hexie post without hexies? Here they are: our "Mum" Karen sent me some more scraps  and upper flower is made  from  them. Two lower are combos from all over , including some from my stash.

Wish you all a  nice hexie day !

srijeda, 28. rujna 2011.


Last week I've got 2 letters from far, far away, one from Australia and one from New Zealand, both with scraps for my Friendship flowers quilt. So I had to be busy and here are results : the one above is made from scraps Reawyn sent to me and the two bellow came from Jeanette

Thanks to you girls, my garden is growing in the most beautiful way

utorak, 20. rujna 2011.


In my last post, three weeks ago I've asked for help because my 2,5 " square stash was running low. Some of you  were very  kind and offered me their precious scraps.

Last week I got first scraps from Karen and bellow you can see what I have done so far.

I believe I have a perfect name for this quilt: FRIENDSHIP QUILT

utorak, 30. kolovoza 2011.


Last year I've seen quilt like this somewhere in Blogland and that same moment I've decided to make one for me.I thought it would be wonderful way to get rid from a lot of scraps I had. As you could see, I was very busy growing my garden which is now about half of planned size ( 65" x 85"). So far I've used about 500 diferent scraps for petals and soon I'll be at the end with my scraps. And now I need your help; would you please send your scraps (2,5" x 2,5") and I'm going to send you mine in return. Some kind of a swap.If you could help me, please contact me on e-mail

srijeda, 10. kolovoza 2011.


This week I made four flowers, two for last week, and two for these
Two flowers per week, it would be about 110 for a year? Not bad.
Not bad at all.

srijeda, 27. srpnja 2011.


    Two more blue flowers for the next hexie quilt.
    How many more?
    I think at least 150 and about same amount of neutral
    It seems no boring evening this winter

Thank you girls for warm welcomes, I'm glad to be back with you again

srijeda, 20. srpnja 2011.


After almost a year I'm back with new hexie project. This time I'm going to make only blue flowers, as you could guess blue is dominant colour in my stash. And I presume that these blue flowers would have cooling efect during the hot summer nights

subota, 16. srpnja 2011.


Last week came these two lovely siggies

Mia from Belgium

Nella from Italy

nedjelja, 3. srpnja 2011.


Few more siggies this time sent by

Maria Bruna from Italy

Arianne from Holand

Eva from Germany

Rita from USA

Angela from Australia
Thank you girls

petak, 10. lipnja 2011.


Two months ago I was participating giveaway organized by  Emily and didn't win.But when I told Emily I never was on a retreat she sent one to me.Look how nice it was wraped
and what was inside.Four lovely little dolls and some wonderful fabrics.This really was very nice suprise, thank you Em.

But I won another giveaway organized by Fort worth fabric studio
The pattern and book which I won are very intersting but charm square template is fantastic.Don't ask how many charms I cut by now because I don't know. But believe me, it is very big pile.
I love swaps, and this wonderful bag in my favorite colors came from Jennifer Wilson( no blog) from Australia

and this one I made and sent to Australia, too but to a different person

nedjelja, 1. svibnja 2011.


 Three new lovely siggies sent by

 Carol  from USA

 Danette from USA

Greta from Holland

 and a wonderful book I won at Victoria's giveaway month ago.It's Jenifer Paganelli book Girl's world with so many fantastic projects from girls.Hope to found some extra time to start sewing.You'll be the first to see what would I do.


srijeda, 30. ožujka 2011.


After two long months, here are my new siggies which were made by

Iris from Curacao

Sally from USA

Erica from Hungary

Helma from Holand sent me two siggies

Simonetta from Italy

Nadia from Italy

Bep from Holand

Regine from Germany

Jeannette from Holand