Many, many years ago in a little far away country lived a girl who oftenly went to movie with her daddy to watch movies about wild, wild west. In these movies she saw wonderful bed blankets made from many colorful small pieces of fabrics. And of course, she wanted to have one, but in her far, far away country no one knows how to make it. Then, some decades later clever men invented internet and our little girl (being granny in meantime) finally learned how to make a quilt. From many scraps , in all the wonderful colours in the world.


subota, 31. kolovoza 2013.


After almost two years , I'm starting to write blog again. Why did I ever stop?
Well, life happened but here I 'm again  to introduce you  my work and my everyday life.

What am I working on now? 

I'm still working on my  hexie frienship quilt, but Wednesday is flower day, so be a little patient.

I've collected almost all siggies I've planned, so there would be no "siggie post".

At the moment I'm working on five or six quilts and finally I'm no ashemed to confess it. Some time, sooner or later they would become a flimsie and some time later a quilt.


May I present to you my  new sewing machine Yuki  TL-98 P.  LOVE IT!

I have more then 10 flimies waiting to be quilted, with this machine I'm not afraid of quilting. No more. But before queen or king size quilts, I'm practicing on small pieces, like these which were patiently waiting for more then two years


 or these two baby quilts

After these two quilts for boys, next baby quilt for girl is pieced, hope to be quilted and binded next week.Until than, have a nice day and come again