Many, many years ago in a little far away country lived a girl who oftenly went to movie with her daddy to watch movies about wild, wild west. In these movies she saw wonderful bed blankets made from many colorful small pieces of fabrics. And of course, she wanted to have one, but in her far, far away country no one knows how to make it. Then, some decades later clever men invented internet and our little girl (being granny in meantime) finally learned how to make a quilt. From many scraps , in all the wonderful colours in the world.


srijeda, 18. rujna 2013.


Most of the flowers for my friendship quilt are done,  need just a few more. But  have to make a ton of boring neutral background hexies and put them all together. Hexies are my side project, which I'm sewing in the evening while watch TV.

The other side project is this year  Bonnie Hunter  Leader &  Ender challenge : split 9 patch. I have a pretty big box full of 2,5 squares ( I'm a scrappy quilter, remember) and making these 9 patch  blocks are really easy-peasy. I'm not quilte sure about final layout but  this zigzag  looks interesting.

Weather has changed, it's still sunny but cold and I can't sew on the porch anymore. Autumn is aproaching, rich in colours and with more time for sewing.Enjoy it.

utorak, 10. rujna 2013.


Summer is almost over,  but we  still have some lovely sunny days to enjoy. Here is my favourite place for coffee break and sewing  hexies or crocheting. Pillow is too big for this chair (24"x24") but I want to show you my other passion.

And of course, here are my two new hexies. I've made some backgroud hexies too, but they are neutral and boring. And put them in quilt, too. What a busy girl I am!?! LOL

nedjelja, 8. rujna 2013.


What kind of quilter would I be without UFOs?
Question is only should I count flimsies in this category ? How many do I have? Well, to be honest too many,  but I have an excuse, of course. Remember , I didn't have proper machine for quilting . Well, I have my Juki now and promise myself to quilt at least one a month.
If you would like to see them, here are some

As you could see, all of them are scrapy and really "quilts of many colours".
For me, only scrap quilts are "the right ones"

srijeda, 4. rujna 2013.


Although been neglected for a long time, my lovely friendship garden is still blooming. In meantime, I made some math and changed planned dimensions. It would be narrower and longer, but  I'm not sure when I'm going to stop adding flowers, I really enjoy making them.

And here are three new flowers I've made in last few days