Many, many years ago in a little far away country lived a girl who oftenly went to movie with her daddy to watch movies about wild, wild west. In these movies she saw wonderful bed blankets made from many colorful small pieces of fabrics. And of course, she wanted to have one, but in her far, far away country no one knows how to make it. Then, some decades later clever men invented internet and our little girl (being granny in meantime) finally learned how to make a quilt. From many scraps , in all the wonderful colours in the world.


ponedjeljak, 30. prosinca 2013.

SSCS 2013

Finally have enough time to post about  wonderful gifts which I got from Sharm in SSCS 2013.
Isn't this the cutest Christmas apron ever? My daughter had some ideas about it, but I said  NO. I could make her a dozen of aprons, but this one is MINE.

This little Christmas tree is a s decoration which was packed with the main gift, but it was worth waiting. It is about 4" high, and I would surely try to make some more for the next year.

Sharm also spoiled me with bookmark kit, lovely piece of fabric , cute little candy canes  and made some dishcloths for me.

Thank you Sharm for the wondreful gifts, I really love them all.
I love SSC swap which was organized by Chooky,  hope to participate next year again

utorak, 24. prosinca 2013.



subota, 30. studenoga 2013.


I like swaps, but these year I participated in only two , both of them are Christmas swaps and on Theusday  postman brought me my first parcel all away from Australia which were sent by Raelene.
This swap is organized by  Helen  and it's called  The  scientists great stocking  swap and has certain rules:
It must include a stocking (bort or made) or equivalent (i got a fab loo seat cover last year!)
and in this stocking you must put - 
A Christmas decoration
             purchased or handmade, we all like pretties!
           nuts, chocolate? Santa always pops yummy treats in a stocking
Something useful 
          socks, fabric, ribbons, hair bobbles? read your partners blog and find out what they'd
          find useful
         or a representation of them. We always got bubble bath, I'm sure Santa thinks i stink!
Something to play with  
       fabric again, a small cuddly toy, air fix model!!!!!
and last but not least
the tangerine 
      or something that represents it...

 So,  I've opend the envelope and found these  sack

full of packages and a Christmas card written in my own language . I have to admit I've read it with tears in my eyes...

And then begun a party. Instead  of a Christmas stocking Raelene made this wonderful apron , and yes I NEED a new apron

This book cover  is going to be my Christmas journal  cover which I have plans to make for quite a while  and my drawers are smelling like ocean now

Something to play with and something sweet... What could be sweeter than fabrics, and look at these cute Christmas fabrics with parotts and koalas...

Every year we have main Christmas tree in living rom, then one smaller for bedroom and I have a little one in my studio decorated with ornaments received in swpas from friends all over the world (literaly). These windmills would have special place on it this year.
And  last but not least here is a tangerina - lovely topper in my favourite hexie shape.
Thank you dear Raelene, you made my heart sing

Hope that these little parcel is not far from you and you would be enjoying it

On Thursday came the second parcel, Australia again but this time it was from Sharm .
The name of this swap is SECRET SANTA  CHRISTMAS SWAP  and when I've opened it

I could only enjoy the lovely paper because I'm not allowed to open it before Christmas.
A whole month of waiting,  and I am a very curious person....

But on Friday my postman came again, bringing me another mail from abroad, this time from USA.
Month ago I won a giveaway on Sandi's blog and here  was my prize.

I won this sweet panel of Noa's ark but  Sandi sent me

also this one

and these two lovely fabrics.

What a lucky girl I am!
Thank you girls

subota, 2. studenoga 2013.

FNwF - finish

Month ago I've started wall hanging with three lovely sheeps and yesterday I've binded it ; today three little sheeps are watching over me while cooking.

This year I'm participating in two Christmas swaps  and yesterday I was working on one secret gift, this is all I could show you.

Delivery man came on Thursday with big box full  with yarn I've ordered for my Mum and me. From these yarn Mum is going to crochet an  afghan for my daughter. I think she would do some kind of granny squares.

What am I going to do with my yarn? Well, to tell the truth I don't know yet, but weather men predict long and snowy winter  so it would be nice  to have a stock.

nedjelja, 20. listopada 2013.


Last few days we have unusualy warm weather with lot of sun for this time of the fall so we (DH & me) decided to spent weekend away from home and arrived back an hour ago.Yes I was busy on Friday , but simply hadn't time to report my achievement

Two Fridays ago during FNwF I've started working on cute litlle wall hanging called Wooly sheeps and didn't do much because I didn't have matching threads. In meantime I went shoping , found some nice pearl thredas and here is  the result. Sheeps are finished (like them a lot) now I only  have to sew eight flowers on the border and start thinking about quilting.

srijeda, 9. listopada 2013.


I believe these are e two last flowers for my friendship garden quilt. I still have to make a gazzilion neutral hexies for background and put them all together, but flowers are all done.  These finished flowers are not the end of our Wednesday's meeting, I have some other hexie projects already started. More about them next week.

Autumn asks for new colours, this table topper change his status from UFO to FF. This was the last small piece in my UFO box. Finally it's time to start quilting big quilts,  some of them are waiting for 3 years now. Let's start quilting!

nedjelja, 6. listopada 2013.


My plan for Friday evening was to work on this lovely wall hanging which were hanging around for  a while. The background was already finished so I've taken  my scissors and cut all pieces which took me a lot of time because some of them are  pretty small. Sewing  hearts wasn't a problem, body of the biggest  sheep  also didn't take much time but then I faced a problem. Not big, but a problem:  none of my threads match the face of big sheep. Nedless to say that I have pearl threads in many different colours, but all of them were just wrong. So my cute little sheeps went back to UFO box until I get the right thread to match them.

The night was still young and I had enough time for another project to work on. Few weeks ago I bought these tea towels planning to make them a little prettier.

Three of them were already finished, the other three got their crocheted edge on Friday evening. These tea towels are going to be a Christmas gift , don't know yet who of my friends will  get it.

I'm very pleased how I spent Friday night, sewing with friends is always a pleasure, no matter how far they might be. See you next FNWF again.

srijeda, 18. rujna 2013.


Most of the flowers for my friendship quilt are done,  need just a few more. But  have to make a ton of boring neutral background hexies and put them all together. Hexies are my side project, which I'm sewing in the evening while watch TV.

The other side project is this year  Bonnie Hunter  Leader &  Ender challenge : split 9 patch. I have a pretty big box full of 2,5 squares ( I'm a scrappy quilter, remember) and making these 9 patch  blocks are really easy-peasy. I'm not quilte sure about final layout but  this zigzag  looks interesting.

Weather has changed, it's still sunny but cold and I can't sew on the porch anymore. Autumn is aproaching, rich in colours and with more time for sewing.Enjoy it.

utorak, 10. rujna 2013.


Summer is almost over,  but we  still have some lovely sunny days to enjoy. Here is my favourite place for coffee break and sewing  hexies or crocheting. Pillow is too big for this chair (24"x24") but I want to show you my other passion.

And of course, here are my two new hexies. I've made some backgroud hexies too, but they are neutral and boring. And put them in quilt, too. What a busy girl I am!?! LOL

nedjelja, 8. rujna 2013.


What kind of quilter would I be without UFOs?
Question is only should I count flimsies in this category ? How many do I have? Well, to be honest too many,  but I have an excuse, of course. Remember , I didn't have proper machine for quilting . Well, I have my Juki now and promise myself to quilt at least one a month.
If you would like to see them, here are some

As you could see, all of them are scrapy and really "quilts of many colours".
For me, only scrap quilts are "the right ones"

srijeda, 4. rujna 2013.


Although been neglected for a long time, my lovely friendship garden is still blooming. In meantime, I made some math and changed planned dimensions. It would be narrower and longer, but  I'm not sure when I'm going to stop adding flowers, I really enjoy making them.

And here are three new flowers I've made in last few days

subota, 31. kolovoza 2013.


After almost two years , I'm starting to write blog again. Why did I ever stop?
Well, life happened but here I 'm again  to introduce you  my work and my everyday life.

What am I working on now? 

I'm still working on my  hexie frienship quilt, but Wednesday is flower day, so be a little patient.

I've collected almost all siggies I've planned, so there would be no "siggie post".

At the moment I'm working on five or six quilts and finally I'm no ashemed to confess it. Some time, sooner or later they would become a flimsie and some time later a quilt.


May I present to you my  new sewing machine Yuki  TL-98 P.  LOVE IT!

I have more then 10 flimies waiting to be quilted, with this machine I'm not afraid of quilting. No more. But before queen or king size quilts, I'm practicing on small pieces, like these which were patiently waiting for more then two years


 or these two baby quilts

After these two quilts for boys, next baby quilt for girl is pieced, hope to be quilted and binded next week.Until than, have a nice day and come again