Many, many years ago in a little far away country lived a girl who oftenly went to movie with her daddy to watch movies about wild, wild west. In these movies she saw wonderful bed blankets made from many colorful small pieces of fabrics. And of course, she wanted to have one, but in her far, far away country no one knows how to make it. Then, some decades later clever men invented internet and our little girl (being granny in meantime) finally learned how to make a quilt. From many scraps , in all the wonderful colours in the world.


srijeda, 9. listopada 2013.


I believe these are e two last flowers for my friendship garden quilt. I still have to make a gazzilion neutral hexies for background and put them all together, but flowers are all done.  These finished flowers are not the end of our Wednesday's meeting, I have some other hexie projects already started. More about them next week.

Autumn asks for new colours, this table topper change his status from UFO to FF. This was the last small piece in my UFO box. Finally it's time to start quilting big quilts,  some of them are waiting for 3 years now. Let's start quilting!

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  1. Beautiful flowers and a wonderful quilt

    Chrissie x

  2. Your flowers are oh just so pretty!!! They will make a beautiful finish!!

    Your little log cabin is perfect for fall!!! I love the color combo and setting!!!


  3. looking forward to seeing your garden quilt........the flowers are lovely and so is your finished quilt.

  4. Beautiful table topper and I look forward to seeing your garden, your flowers are wonderful.

  5. Two lovely flowers to finish your garden and wonderful quilt hanging in the tree!

  6. Lovely flowers and a beautiful table topper look forward to seeing more of your projects :)