Many, many years ago in a little far away country lived a girl who oftenly went to movie with her daddy to watch movies about wild, wild west. In these movies she saw wonderful bed blankets made from many colorful small pieces of fabrics. And of course, she wanted to have one, but in her far, far away country no one knows how to make it. Then, some decades later clever men invented internet and our little girl (being granny in meantime) finally learned how to make a quilt. From many scraps , in all the wonderful colours in the world.


srijeda, 26. listopada 2011.


First I made  these two little flowers for my blue garden

These three are going to be planted in my friendship flower garden

These are beauties I've received from my friends in Inchy hexagon flower swap group which I've joined in July

Finally I found some orphan hexies and made a cover ( pyjama) for my faithful Heidi, that's the name I gave to my sewing machine  which is from Switzerland

Stay tuned, tomorrow I'm going to show you some more wonderful pictures

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  1. Nice, I really like the one with the pinky swirls.

  2. Wonderful flowers!!!! Great cover for Heidi :)

  3. Beautiful flowers for your gardens. Pretty colors especially those for your blue garden.

  4. Lots of pretty flowers for your gardens and I LOVE Heidi's pyjamas!

  5. Your flowers are beautiful,and the cover for your sewing machine. Heidi

  6. You have been very busy in your garden making flowers.
    Love Heidi's PJ's.

  7. Looking forward to more pictures! Your hexie flowers are gorgeous!! :o)

  8. The hexis are looking great. I really love Heidi's cover. Thank for the flickr message, glad the scraps arrived, hope you can use them!