Many, many years ago in a little far away country lived a girl who oftenly went to movie with her daddy to watch movies about wild, wild west. In these movies she saw wonderful bed blankets made from many colorful small pieces of fabrics. And of course, she wanted to have one, but in her far, far away country no one knows how to make it. Then, some decades later clever men invented internet and our little girl (being granny in meantime) finally learned how to make a quilt. From many scraps , in all the wonderful colours in the world.


srijeda, 29. siječnja 2014.


I'm back with my scrapy flowers;  I've miscalculated needed flowers and HOPE these are the last two. I couldn't resist to picture them in the snow,  aren't they lovely.


 Yes, winter came in all his beauty with enough snow to enjoy in it and without major problems yet.

Could you believe that these pics were taken just a week ago? So far we had very strange winter , but now everything is just it has to be.


Somehow I forgot to show  you pictures of my Christmas quilts.
They are all made with same block - Under the mistletoe,  look what a  different layout could do. Fabrics are pretty much the same :  reds,  greens and neutrals with gold.

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  1. Yes, the flowers are lovely! Beautiful winter photo, love snow covered trees. Wonderful Christmas quilts too!

  2. Pretty flowers in the snow and the Christmas Quilts are amazing....How different the same block can look when in different layouts!

  3. Those scrappy flowers are so pretty and will look lovely in a future quilt. I am so jealous about the Christmas quilts. They are gorgeous. I'm still struggling to make my first Christmas quilt.

  4. How interesting that those quilts are all the same block! I would not have guessed. Love your hexagons in the snow. I'll have to go backwards and see the scrappy project you are doing. It is hard to imagine that the flowers were blooming last week and now your landscape looks like mine did yesterday!

  5. Lovely hexie flowers in the snow and I love your Christmas quilt. Well done!!!